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Soybean Processing Technology
Soybean processing for health and wellness foods, beverages and nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals) applications
Design/development of research-based processing technologies for manufacturing health and wellness foods and beverages, and soy-based infant weaning foods utilizing predigested/enzyme-hydrolyzed whole soybean base (U.S. patents 6,451,359 and 7,067,163, and European patent - EP 1,309,248) for:

breakfast cereals, baked products, corn- and potato-based snacks, and food bars development from the composite carbohydrate base and bioactive spray-dried predigested whole soy with/without germinated sorghum powder for satiety induction and obesity control

nutritional sports beverage base formulation from natural muscle building, maintenance and endurance peptides/ neurotransmitters

specialty beverages formulation from the composite bioactive base soy and germinated cereals rich in bioactive peptides and lipids, fermented with probiotics for healthy aging, enhanced brain function and mood modulation

dietary supplements, health and wellness foods/beverages development for chronic diseases management from a combination of predigested/fermented soy, sorghum and biologically processed edible plant extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Patentable OPTIMIZED Soybeans and Cereals Germinator development for nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds production

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