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Dairy Technology Innovation
Scientific evidence based design/development of patentable on-farm/cow-side milk testing instrument for differentiating conventional cheese-making milk (optimum coagulation) from milk containing compounds with potential pharmacological activity applicable to:

Specialty infant formula development from naturally hydrolyzed caseins, naturally modified lipids and concomitantly developed biosignaling compounds extracted from fractionated non/poor-coagulating milk from selected individual cows

Bioactive peptides development from non/poor-coagulating milk types procured from major milk producing species (cow, goat, sheep)

Bioactive lipids development from non-coagulating milk

Biosignaling molecules development from bioprocessed non-coagulating milk

Nutraceutical cheese (nutracheese), nutraceutical dairy products (including beverages), and nutraceutical dairy ingredients development with non/poor- coagulating milk from selected individual cows for food and beverage supplementation

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